Saturday, April 3, 2010

MOAB- March 20-22, 2010

So John turned the big 35 in March. He wanted a trip out of town. We didn't know where we were going. Some ideas- Disneyland, the west coast, Vegas, Lava Hot Springs, Jackson Hole. We decided on Moab. I have never been there before. All I could think of was dirt. I hate dirt esp sand between toes and fingers, not to mention all the dirt and sand in the clothes- laundry nightmare. So I packed the best I could and off we went Saturday around 3. We got to Green River to spend the night. It was nice. We arrived after sunset so we didn't get a view of the area til the next morning. WOW- I have never been more impressed with a dirty place in my life. WE had such a fun weekend get away. We stayed til Monday. We would have stayed longer but we were expecting a visit from Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Jeanne on Tuesday. The kids loved hiking, and swimming and mom and dad loved the time together as a family with limited screaming, and we got to play in some of the greatest nature out there.

Mommy, Kenna and Coul

Daddy and Coul

Mommy and Kenna.....she is helping to take the picture

P and K. He was in hiking heaven. He also love taking pictures of everything

( this was the best shot ever, til that other person stepped in........darn it!!!)

My wonderful family........<333 ( I wonder how I can get John to wear the pack and carry K here at home????)

Kenna coloring rocks with other rocks.
On our 1st hike she wasn't too into it.....she didn't want to touch the desert.....I have no idea where she gets it from =;-)

Mommy and Coul at the pool

P swimming

P took this picture of mommy and Coul down below

The B-day boy.

Daddy and Coul enjoying B-day cake.

What a great weekend get away.............we cant wait to go back again real soon, before the weather gets too hot. on a side note, went for the follow-up with the Orthopedist and both kids are healing really well. Coul has a little limp, but it is getting better ever day. Kenna's shoulder has a calcium lump that will go away with time but she is healed too. We are so grateful to have happy and healthy kids. If you ever need a bone fixed, I know the best Dr in town.

Feb 28- March 7, 2010

The WORSTEST WEEK EVER!!!!!!!!!............I really mean it too!!!

At the end of February we went to Las Vegas for a little get away. It was so much fun. John's sister is running for judge there and we wanted to show her our support, and to get away from the cold weather too.
Get home Sunday night and 1/2 hour later cute and super hyper Kenna is jumping around on the couch. Well this isn't a new thing but now that the couch is on hardwood and not carpet it decided to move and she lost her balance. She came crashing down onto the floor landing on her shoulder. Well she screamed and hollered, Kenna style. She is so funny but so super tuff. Monday mommy was recovering from our trip and a thrown out back. Come Tuesday- try to get back to normal and I see that Kenna isn't sucking her thumb.......very odd. She also doesn't like to use her left arm, just keeps it at her side. Ok mommy alarm is ring so load. Time to go see the most wonderful orthopedist- Dr. Schow. Called them up and they were able to get her in that day. While we were in the waiting area, we were talking to another mom and her broken little girl, they had to wait 3 days to see him. I guess that since she had already seen him it was the golden ticket. Well they all loved her, she is such a big girl, never fussed at all. Here is her broken clavicle.

waiting to see the DR

Taking the x-ray.

Broken clavicle.

I know it looks terrible, well cast time right.........nope all they do for it is put her in a sling and brace to stabilize the arm/shoulder. See you in 3 weeks.

Cute as can be in her sling.

back to sucking her thumb. Last time too.

1 arm coloring. Nothing stops this girl. She never fussed except when it came time to change her shirt. She had to do it all by herself. She stopped wearing the brace about a week later.

Still the same day- Tues. March 2ND......Preston got his Otho appliance. Poor guy, he was so sore and worn out by the end of the day.

So you think that is all............ well not quite folks........Wednesday came and went, had to adjust to keeping Kenna happy in her sling and off furniture( like I wanted another trip to the orthopedistor ER)
Thursday- we had a school outing. I was going to brave it and take all three kids by myself. It was to see the play "If you gave a mouse a cookie". Well that morning- Kenna runs into our room to go potty. I remind her dad that she will need help since she is down a arm. He and she both don't think so.............she ends up peeing all over the floor. No big deal, this wont ruin my day, just clean it up and keep on smiling. That is all done, turn around to find cat poop in the kids tub, on our bath rug and the hall closet. Cleanup again, still smiling. Time to get Coul up and at em. Give him his bottle of morning milk. We stopped using plastic bottles in favor of glass- no bad plastic chemical. So our happy little man is running around and the bottle falls on the tile. No big deal, it has happened before. Still smiling. Put C in his chair for breakfast and his bottle falls again, but not so lucky this time, shatters all over the kitchen floor. Well I was still determined to make the best of it, no crying over spilt milk......we just let our pet vacuum, Eva clean it up. So off we go to the play. Get there and have to wait 1/2 hour til all the groups are ready. So we find great seats. A row off to the side with P and K in their own seat, I was excited cause C and mommy could share the double seat. So the play starts and C was getting fussy. I totally forgot his soother. Call John to have him bring it on his way to work and then turned off my cell. ( only being polite). Play starts, very cute, too bad I have 2 very fussy boys. P wasn't into it and C was wanting his soother. So almost to tears but still smiling. I look around and see John on the other side of the theater looking for us. I try to get his attention, not working so I go to get out of the seat and somehow catch Coul's little leg in between the seat and arm rest. Of coarse he lets out the hugest holler. I run out of there so fast, leaving my other two kids, to wonder what, where, huh? I meet daddy in the foyer and after much debate get him to take our poor screaming baby home. He could sleep and John could work from home for the morning.
So we finish the play and head home. Coul is fast asleep, ( his dad gave him Tylenol) I decide to go out and be adventurous with our back yard. I hate yard work but it needs to get started. So me and P and K pick up millions of tree branches. After working for a bit we head in side to a scream Coul. I take him out of his bed and he wont walk. He would shake and then scream and hold his right leg off the ground. So what else to do but call our on speed dial Orthopedist.....Dr schow. So with this being our 3rd time seeing him, the 1st 2 with K, we had waited a day in between the accident and the visit to see if things would improve. Thank goodness we didn't wait that day cause we would have missed him, he was going out of town for a week. So they get us in that afternoon. This was the worst visit......poor baby hated it. I had to hold him down during xrays. It was heart breaking. So turns out he has a fractured right leg. So this was a cast break, but since he is mobile the Dr put it in a splint cast. It is great, we can remove it and wash him off.

He was semi happy here......

look carefully in the middle of the picture and you can make out the fracture. Soory- I had to take it with my cell phone.

So his follow up was setup for the same time as Kenna's. Yeah taking two kids back with broken bone(s) to the Dr at the same time..................bonus I guess is that we save time and gas!!

Coul getting around with his cast

Mommy- kangaroo and Joey- Coul

My broken little ones. Coul's cast is covered with toys. He stayed on the bean bag for 1 1/2 days. I had to carry him everywhere, then he got his courage back and hasnt looked back for help since.

To add to the worstest week.......the morning before we left for Vegas, I had 4 fillings done, the dentist forget to fill part of one of the teeth so all my teeth had been killing me. I wasnt taking a chance leaving the house to get it fixed til the next week. ( that added up to having to replace the bad filling and have a root canal retreated................yep too much fun)
Oh and after all of that I was ready to call it a day, week, month and ayear. what a family, teeth aches, and broken bones.......I have to say at least none of us had been sick at all since our move. Yep no colds, throwing up, the runs, flu, fevers nothing................except broken bones and sore mouths..........Tylenol was definetly our very bestest friends that week!!!!!

............oh and all that yard work I did with P and K, we had a storm later that day and it blew the tree branches back.................yep that is when the tears finally started pouring............ THE END...... of the most worsest week ever!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

February 2010

More Random January Pics

Here is some more pictures of Jan 2010......I am trying to catch up. Maybe I will get to March before it is gone!!!!!

Jan 31th
Last Night at our old house-

Last Breakfast-

kids were eating on the floor..............ah the memories.

Jan 31st-
Preston's Lego creation. We had to pack it up so he wanted a pic before we did. He wanted to post it too so that he would always remember it! He is so adorable and very creative. <3 <3

Jan. 6th
Dino Outing.......

Kenna and Coul.......throwing b-balls.

Getting all 3 to pose.......see the happy looks from having to stop their playing.

We had such a fun time there that we are getting a pass to do it all over again.

Jan. 4th
Nap Time.......Went to go check on Kennedy and.................

Monday, February 22, 2010

January 2010

A New house and a 1st birthday.

Well this was one crazy month. We looked at our new house in October ( not thinking anything would come of it of course) made an offer and waited. Well Jan 5Th they came back and accepted if we could close fast. Well we did and on Jan 15Th we closed on our newest adventure. If this wasn't meant to be then I don't know what is. We found great renters for our "red house" (as Kenna refers to it) the very next day. So we packed and moved out by the end of January. Oh and we had a little Birthday for our Coul- bear too.

Old/Newer house (the "red house"- as Kenna calls it)

sorry it is so dark.... this was taken as the new tennants were arriving)

Older/ Newest house

(so it is older, but almost twice as big, huge yard- it has a tramp and a drinking fountain and lots of fruit trees in the back yard, and a legal accessory rental unit.)
If you can imagine- when they built this house the room above the garage was the garage. The garage today was added later.......that is how steep the drive way use to be........yike 4x4 for sure!!!!

January 25Th- Happy 1st Birthday Coul!!!! we love you so much little man!!

this was a super crazy time. We were moving/ getting the new house live able around this time so this was a small bday party. I don't remember ever being so tired. Long days and nights.

Good morning sweet baby....all snug in ur bed, it's time to get up there's a big day ahead........It's your Birthday!!!

I love morning shots......they look so innocent and are extra loveable.

Birthday Cupcakes

I was too tired to even plan a cake, so we did Costco choc chip muffins with icing......instant hit. The bday boy ate all of his.

waiting so patiently for the sugar...

Coul knew what the cupcake was and wanted to get it right away. He just didn't know/ understand all the fussing around him. Never one to turn away an audience......

Eating his Birthday Cupcake

He was palming this like a professional and loved every last bite.

Birthday cleanup

He was covered in chocolate so we bathed him in the sink. ( I didn't want to track choc all over my clean house) well mommy did cause as you see daddy was busy.


The girls- Grandma Ellen and big sis Kenna

The men ( acting like boys) Papa and Preston.......

What a joker P is.....

Grandma Ellen and a freshly cleaned post cupcake birthday boy.

Coul was so excited to go to Grandma Ellen. He was so hyper.

Daddy.......he had been working non-stop for weeks. He couldn't stay awake any longer.

More pictures to come.................... <3